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We have 30 years experience in design and contracting for exhibitions, commercial interiors and stylish shop fitting. New concepts and products are the lifeblood of this work and our aim is to introduce these to the Kitchen Windowdomestic market.


Here in the UK the use of window films in the home is relatively new and yet the major benefits offered for the average home are substantial and at a reasonable cost.


In simple terms, they are self adhesive plastic films designed to fit on glass windows and other glass fittings offering protection from the suns rays, safety, privacy and decoration.


Each type of film is designed for a specific purpose, probably one of the most important is protecting our homes from the harmful effects of the sun. In our modern world we love the light given by the big windows but the heat and glare from the sun can be very uncomfortable. The fading damage caused to furniture, carpets and wood flooring by the sun is both costly and unattractive.


Solar protection film will reject up to 79% of solar energy and 99% of UV rays; in summer this can reflect up to 48% of the suns heat. In winter, the sun can enter the room and provide warmth. By using solar films you can help reduce the "roasting" conservatory effect or stifling rooms after a day at work.


Window films offer protection from shards of broken glass and by choosing a specific safety film, it also deters burglars, making it considerably more difficult to break through the glass. This film also helps protect glass from scratches and graffiti. Essential to protect children and adults from the risk of broken standard glass on older style patio doors and large windows,


Window films allows the homeowner to set their own level of privacy with a clean stylish finish and lots of light. No more need for heavy fabric curtains, nets or blinds. There are two main types of privacy films, firstly a frosted glass effect, allowing different levels of opacity and secondly two way mirror film - see out without being seen.


The other main use for window films is of course decorative, stained glass effects, colours and patterns all with the additional benefits of privacy and safety. As summer approaches, think how window films can make your home a safer, more comfortable place to be.

Reflectiv Window Films are applied to windows or glass furnishings to provide five major benefits.


Reflectiv films are used throughout Europe in all domestic, commercial, public and automotive applications.

Stairs & More have many years experience in using these types of products and can provide help and advice whatever the application


Light Tape  is a revolutionary, cost effective slim and flexible electroluminescent lighting strip system.

Light Tape is the most versatile light source ever developed, it is extremely light, flexible and easy to install. With multiple colours, a variety of widths and lengths of 150m (500ft) or more it has a multitude of uses.

The potential uses in automotive, architectural and entertainment applications are as wide as your imagination.

Within the home it is ideally suited for mood lighting in living, dining areas and kitchens, it provides safety and accent lighting in hallways, landings and stairs. Very economical, 100m (300ft) uses less power than 100w light bulb making it ideal for outside security and guidance lighting.

Please ask us for advice and no cost quote, whatever your ideas we can help. Our photos of installations are just the tip of the iceberg!

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